No Tribe Is Still Intact- Nacee

The management of multiple award winning gospel group No Tribe has stated that the group is still intact and has not disintegrated as speculations suggest that the group is no more.


The group made up of Lord Bondzie and Nana Kwaku Osei aka Nacee as leaders with their band were in the news recently when group president Nacee decided to release a solo project which included some highlife beats. Although Nacee and the rest of the members did all they could to explain to their fans about the import of the solo project and his involvement with the group, some people did not get it.

This has motivated the group to assemble some selected media people to send a message to their fans that, No Tribe is still as solid as gold without any hindrance or whatsoever. In a speech delivered by the president of the group Nana Kwaku Osei aka Nacee, he made these pronouncements.

“Music in our current days comes with so much dynamism and the best we can do as a contemporary group is to move with the times and seasons of what is happening. We have been a group for a decade even before we recorded our first commercial album so why do people think we are going to break up now. Changing times encourages changing trends and that was exactly what we are trying to do. It was actually a management decision to record a solo project for Nacee and that does not mean that the group has collapsed or it`s no more” he said with passion.

“We just put out the official album called Councillor One, so now that we are done with that particular album, the No Tribe project is next so it becomes mind boggling when speculations go out that the group No Tribe is no more. We are still intact as a gospel group so they should just expect some of our projects coming out soon including some international tours which would be announced to the press when the details are ready” he added.

Meanwhile, Lord Bondzie on the other hand has also expressed shock as to how some members of the media and the general public misunderstood what was being done and started these wild speculations that the group is no more.

“I still think it`s because of the love for the group that is why it was difficult for the fans to understand that we were doing something agreed by management. We can only thank them for thinking about us whilst giving them the assurance that the group has never been affected by anything since we started it. As it stands now, we are about to give them some music videos from the One God album which delayed because of so many reasons. We are about to hit them hard with a new project too so they should expect more from us” Lord noted.

Source: Flex