Close to seven hundred Ghanaians working in Saudi Arabia have occupied the tents of Ghana pilgrims at Mina(The tents city)

Ghanaian  Pilgrims in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia have expressed their displeasure in the current situation they have found themselves as a result of their tents at Mina being occupied by squatters.Alhaji Sibawai Papa Angola, a broadcast journalist who spoke with Alhaji Hamza Adams of Alpha Radio this morning said about seven hundred Ghanaian migrants working in Saudi Arabia have occupied their pavilions hence leaving the pilgrims with no choice but rather to stay outside.”Alhamdulillah death has not been recorded amongst our people but the challenge we are facing now is that  squatters have occupied our place, about seven hundred of them they are Ghanaians though, but they live here” Papa Angola Said. The leader of the Ghana Pilgrims  task force Alhaji Awokye confirmed that in the interview. He said there are  more than  ten entrances to the pavilion at Mina and the Ghanaians working in Saudi have unlawfully used some of the entrances to the Pavilion. We can’t drive them away because they are also Ghanaians but we are trying are possible best to solve this problem. Mina is a neighborhood of Mecca Province, in western Saudi Arabia. It is situated 5 kilometres to the east of the Holy city of Mecca, and stands on the road from Mecca's city centre to the Hill of Arafat.