Delta 8 saga' My boys are Innocent'-Director Delta Dorce'

Delta 8 saga' My boys are Innocent'-Director Delta Dorce' Featured

The Ashanti regional Director of Delta Force Mr Muhammed has debunked claims by some politians that Delta 8 are gulity of  their charge of setting free some 13 others standing trial for assault on a public officer.Mr Muhammed who steer the affairs of the New Patriotic Party militia group, Delta Force made this assertion in an interview with Alpha Radio in Kumasi Friday.Mr Muhammed said the boys were not present at the KMA court when the incident occured." I decided not utter a word over the matter because my father, President Nana Addo says we should allow the law to take its coarse.The boys were alleged to have caused the disturbance but in actual fact the boys are innocent.

"As Nana Addo, the president said in his Easter message “Crime has no political colour under my government. We are a nation governed by the rule of law and law will work without fear or favour”This shows that Nana Addo is a leader who provides purpose, motivation and direction for others to emulate and he is a father for all ", he said.

On Wednesday, a circuit court in Kumasi discharged eight members of the New Patriotic Party militia group, Delta Force, standing trial for assaulting a judge and disrupting court processes.

Early last month, the eight in hollywood style, budged into the court, harrassed and rained insults on the judge and forcibly freed 13 other members of the Delta Force who were standing trial for assaulting the Ashanti Region Security Coordinator.

The 13 suspects did not understand why Mr George Agyei should be appointed as Security Coordinator when he played little or no role in the coming into power of the NPP.The Group is claiming that Mr Muhammed has worked tirelessly interms of financing them just to champion the coarse of the party.However Mr Muhammed said he is under the umbrella of the party and loyal to the president.