Zongo Development Fund Not For "Zakat' Purposes~Minister~ Featured

The minister for inner city and zongo development Hon Alhaji Abubakar Siddiq Boniface has stated that the seed money allocated to the Zongo Developement Fund is solely for development not for Zakat purposes.

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches the end,an obligatory charity is given to the poor and needy, is one of the pillars of Islam called Zakat.

Alhaji Abubakar Siddiq Boniface made this revelation yesterday Saturday during a public sensitization and consultation forum held within the  Asokore Mampong Municipality of the Ashanti Region, in order to solicit inputs for the bill that would be put before the parliament for approval and passage.He pointed out that the Zongo Developement was not created out of any political interest, however it is the will of the President to speed up development of the zongo communities in the country.

"Whenever we go for campaign tour abroad, Nana Addo always says when we come to power he will establish Zongo Development Fund which will take care of the zongo communities because the previous governments have neglected the Zongos.It is for which reason that the president said if we dont quickly create a fund for the zongos, we will be unpopular there", he said.


"I made it clear that the seed money is like you are sowing a seed, grow and then bear fruits so that everybody will enjoy and so the message put across is that it is not for Zakat gift, it is not alms so that if you are going to wed or you going to outdoor your child or a funeral then you call and say you have a funeral because you are coming from Zongo.In Saudi Arabia we have  ministry solely for Zakat.Dubai, they also  have minister for happiness but Ghana ours, the tail end is development", he added.

Among the stakeholders who attended the program are the Municipal Chief Executive Alhaji Alidu Seidu, the Council of Zongo chiefs under the leadership of  Alhaji Musah Akambonga, the Sarkin Zongo Council led by His eminent Alhaji Rufai Alao, Adukromhene, Imams and many others.