Pilgrimage: Would be pilgrims cautioned of carrying unapproved drugs

Pilgrimage: Would be pilgrims cautioned of carrying unapproved drugs Featured

The medical team of the Hajj Board has cautioned would be pilgrims of carrying unapproved drugs to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Dr Muhammed Shuaib, a representative of the medical team's head in the Ashanti region made this revelation in an interview with Alpha Radio's Hamza Adams.

"Pilgrims must do well to understand that any drug they wish to carry along to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be subjected to approval by the medical team of the pilgrims affairs of the Republic of Ghana.A doctor of the Hajj Board must approve the authenticity of the drug before  you board a flight to Saudi Arabia.If you deliberately conceal a drug in your luggage to Saudi Arabia and luck eludes you and you are intercepted by authorities there, you will be imprisoned for not less than a year."he said.

Repercussion on illicit drugs in Saudi Arabia 

Dr Muhammed says anyone who is found guilty of such act will

*not be allowed to embark on hajj. 

*the country's image will be dented as well as Muslims of the country.

Tramadol, a banned drug in Saudi Arabia 

Tramadol is a banned drug in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hence pilgrims must be very careful. Some business men and women do carry along those drugs to Saudi and sell them. They are warned because anyone who is found guilty will face the wrath of the law.

Health Screening of would be pilgrims imminent 

Dr Muhammed Shuaib says "anyone who has a prescribed drug by a medical doctor must come along with his or her drug for approval at the screening centre before he or she takes it to Saudi Arabia. If the drug is not on the list of drugs allowed by the Saudi government, the medical team will provide an alternative for you",Dr Shuaib added.