Pilgrimage: Hajj Board gives free meals to pilgrims in Tamale

Pilgrimage: Hajj Board gives free meals to pilgrims in Tamale Featured

As the second batch of pilgrims under go check inn process at the Tamale Sports Stadium, the Hajj board continues to provide the pilgrims with free meals.Though the board didn't mention in its package to  provide meals in case of any delay in airlifting of the pilgrims, however hundreds have received foods like rice, and others since the first flight  failed to show up on Thursday night. 

A would be pilgrim who mentioned his name as Baba Abdallah from Bolga said"when we sleep here, in the morning they give us tea, bread with eggs.They have given us take away which cost about 12ghc each. Greetings to the Hajj Board", he said. 

In response to the no show by the Saudi based Airline, Baba Abdallah said" as muslims we must know that it is not the fault of the Hajj Board.We believe if something happens like that we give it to God," he added.

Another female would be pilgrim Hudu Bintu  who claimed to have been dropped from the aircraft yesternight because it was full said she trusts the Hajj Board that it will deliver."I boarded the airplane yesterday but they pleaded with us to get down because the flight was filled up but I believe that we shall go" she reveals to AlphaRadioonline.com in an interview.

This year's pilgrimage has been faced with a setback as the the first batch of pilgrims who were to be airlifted on Thursday saw a no show but vice president Dr Alhaji Mahmud Bawumia together with the Hajj Board's chair Sheikh IC Quaye waited till the airline touched down before setting off to Accra.

Currently check inn is on going and the second  flight is expected to airlift the passengers around 6pm.

Source.... Alpha radio